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the birth of My Giving Table

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For some time now I have been working towards creating a philanthropic events platform to support charities by encouraging hosted fundraising dinners and events. The main motivation behind the concept is to unite my love of cooking and sharing a meal with friends with my desire to do kind acts for others.

My Giving Table is about encouraging people who, like myself, enjoy cooking and dinner parties and who also like to help those in need. We look to fabulous superstar hosts to donate their time to cook a meal for their friends, who pay to attend and take a seat at their table. Funds raised go to their chosen charity.

We have the ability to magnify events into larger campaigns, where many hosts hold dinner parties at their home, on the same evening. This allows charities to get the same momentum as they would with a large gala dinner but in a COVID safe and personal way. We are so excited about the concept and very keen to be sharing it now.

We have enlisted the help of chefs and foodies to share menu ideas and tips with our hosts so they can be the best dinner party hosts and create fun and heartful events with friends.

I will not overshare all in this blog but simply ask you to reach out if you would like to be a host or if you are linked to a charity and would like more information.

Please check out our website and do send any thoughts or ideas to us at MGT. Our goal is to raise valuable funds for our favourite community charities and causes while encouraging events filled with love and heart, bringing loved ones together in good communication, fun and kindness.

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