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Friends Join Hands to Support Close Friend Suffering Motor Neurone Disease

Hosts: Amanda, Brendan and Brendon

A group of friends came together to create a magic dinner party to raise funds for their courageous friend Jo Boon whose suffering from motor neurone disease.


Jo is such an inspiration to so many of us. We know the effort it takes to keep positive in the face of this disease and this dinner was a chance to surround Jo with love and hope and to raise her spirits.


What Was on the Menu....

Marissa made her world famous Bruschetta.

Kev created a delicious entree of Coral Trout.

Amanda created a huge pot of Beef Ragout, followed by a positively healthy dessert of Pomegranate Lychee Cake.


Close to My Heart


Motor neurone disease is a cruel and indiscriminate disease caused by the breakdown of the neurones that transmit messages throughout the body. There is little understood about what causes motor neurone disease and there is no cure. The money raised contributes to much needed research.

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