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An Infamous French Bouillabaisse to Support Women in Need 

Host: Nicole 

Nicole welcomed her friends at her home with her infamously delicious French Bouillabaisse to raise funds towards a new 'Hub' to support victims of domestic violence in outer Brisbane, 


Nicole's intention was to have a blast of a night with friends sharing her delicious French Bouillabaisse dish from her travels in France, enjoying stories of travel, great wine while giving back to women in need at the same time. 

What Was on the Menu....

On the menu was Nicole's amazing Bouillabaisse washed down with French wines and crusty bread. 


Close to My Heart

Open Haven

Nicole joined our first dinner party campaign for Open Haven. Together with a series of several dinner parties we raised over $45,000 for Open Haven in a couple of months. This enabled Open Haven to start a new "Hub" to support women in outer Brisbane. 

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