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A Fabulous Cocktail Party Raising Funds for Women's Legal Service Queensland. 

Hosts: Brendan and Brendon

As part of the Dancing CEO's campaign, Brendan and Brendon hosted a large group of friends in their home for cocktails and canapes. Rasing over $20K for the Women's Legal Service Queensland to break the cycle of domestic violence in our community. 


Brendan and Brendon were on a mission to raise the most amount of money possible in their bid to be fundraising champions in 2022 Dancing CEO's. Their combined efforts that year raised an astounding $242,777 to help break the cycle of domestic violence and financial and coercive control in relationships.  


What Was on the Menu....

Delicious duck pancakes, fabulous charcuterie board, cheeses, French Champagne and an endless supply of cocktails. 


Close to My Heart

Women's Legal Service 

"We were so proud to raise money for Women's Legal Service Queensland to ensure more calls could be answered and more staff could help more women and families in need."

MONEY RAISED:  $20,000
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