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Womanly Love and Arabian Nights

Hosts: Sarah, Sher and Neve

When women come together great things are achieved! Sarah invited friends and family to her home to cook up an incredible Arabian feast to raise funds for women in the community who need love and support to get back on their feet after experiencing domestic violence.  


Women caring for women, being abundant with love for each other and for the women they have not met. 

When good friends come together great things are achieved. Sarah invited an awesome group of friends over and decorated an Arabian Nights themed table while Nive and Sher cooked up an incredible feast raising $950 for Open Haven.

What Was on the Menu....

An incredible feast starting with a chicken dish that had been marinated in yogurt and secret spices overnight. The main dish was rich and flavoursome lamb shanks cooked with delicious kidney beans and special vegetables, as well as distinctive dried lemons, rice with nuts and pomegranate and flava beans, accompanied by a wonderful salad with feta and pomegranate.

A fabulous way to finish was the delicious desert of baklava and special fairy floss biscuits.

Such a magical and joyful night spent in a spirit of generosity and love.


Close to My Heart

Open Haven

"Oh what a fabulous night we had for our ‘Arabian Nights’ themed dinner for My Giving Table for Riverfire 2021. It was easy to organise by sending the My Giving Table link to family and friends. I loved creating a fun and colourful night at home. I was also lucky enough to have friends who loved to cook, and they created a magnificent Arabian feast for us all. So, while the fireworks lit up the Brisbane skyline, we had the best night in fundraising with My Giving Table."  Sarah 

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