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A Birthday Celebrated by the Act of Giving!

Host: Shina Aslett

Shina Aslett hosted a cocktail party in Brisbane with family and friends to celebrate her 21st Birthday.  Together, Shina and her Dad planned and executed a birthday party with purpose, highlighting that birthdays are about the act of giving as well as receiving!  


Shina wanted more meaning behind her celebration and after seeing the number of people sleeping rough on the streets in the city, she chose Orange Sky Laundry to be her recipient charity. Shina's Dad paid for the food and cocktails.  Guests RSVP'd and paid a small amount to attend through the My Giving Table event portal that was gifted to Orange Sky Laundry.


What Was on the Menu....

On the menu were mini hot dog sliders and garlic BBQ prawns, chicken wings and lamb koftasas well as some lovely cocktails. 


Close to My Heart

Orange Sky Laundry

It just seemed like a good thing to do - to give to others while celebrating. Funny thing was the that I thought I wouldnt get any presents because people knew they were donating at my request, but friends still gave me gifts and they loved that we all had a deeper purpose while enjoying ourselves. It was a win all round. 

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