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"What can we do to genuinely reach out and be kind and supportive, respectful and open to others in our community, to really "see" and understand what is needed by another human?

Katelyn Aslett, Founder, My Giving Table

My Giving Table was founded by Katelyn Aslett from a vision of giving in both directions... 

There is a tendency to think of charity in terms of an us and them, the giver and the receiver. The power of being in a position to give and the lack of power for the receiver, but that totally misses the real truth for me. 


For me giving gives in both directions, when done with the right intent. It builds us all up. Just because someone is on hard times now does not mean they do not also have much to give and contribute back. Listening and connecting, learning, understanding and empathy are critical actions that contribute to our wider social capital.


Every story heard contributes to our own understanding and compassion.


Higher up the hierarchy of needs we find love and belonging, esteem and friendship. It is the deeper intent behind My Giving Table to encourage these life affirming feelings for all involved. More purpose and connection in action and conversation around the table, when a meal is shared with a higher purpose of respect and genuine interest.


People have asked why My Giving Table? And why I have chosen the charities to work with and support? 


I guess the answer is that we strive to align with charities founded on respect and dignity for all. Those who are working on the basic levels of fundamental physiological needs while aiming to lift and learn from the people they support.


The My Giving Table Difference

My Giving Table is a social enterprise, motivated by a common vision to spread kindness and giving, while raising funds for charities through the simple positive action of sharing dinner with friends. 

A business run for the purpose of supporting events that raise funds for valued charities, by building heartfelt, social capital and paying it forward to those in need. 


We value moments of joy shared over good food and good company, and we aim to bring you lifetime memories through hosting dinner parties which give back to the community and those that need it most. 

We believe in full transparency.


From who we work with and the amount of money raised from each dinner party. We're an open book!  

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