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Welcome to My Giving Table

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The creation of the My Giving Table concept has been an interesting journey. It began as a very simple idea of how can we give more to those in need and in times of trouble. Times like bush fires and floods where people lose everything and just need a hand. Times where life throws a difficult curve ball and having a hand held out to you is just what you need. I am a long term foodie and I love to share meals with loved ones.

The process of picking a menu and thinking how to set the table to make it feel welcoming, spending the day cooking and setting the scene with my favourite music on is a real pleasure. Then when loved ones arrive and you share connection and conversation it is just a lovely experience to share. It is a fact that we are often happiest when we are doing something for someone else. My Giving Table takes giving to the level of contributing to people we don’t know, through raising funds for

carefully selected charities, while enjoying the direct connection of friends.

My Giving Table makes the moment of sharing with loved ones even more special.

My Giving Table is a social enterprise. We are a business set up to raise maximum funds for as many causes and charities as we can. We use our connections to add value to our hosts and to charities. We are genuine in our purpose and perhaps a little idealistic. You won’t find disingenuous spin here. We are simply focused on empowering more giving, acts of kindness and connection in a time when there is so much uncertainty and so much need to reach out and support each other. The world and all of us living are going through momentous and challenging times and more than ever moments of simple sharing, connection and kindness are needed, we want to be a part of that.

Sharing meals and sharing our homes with loved ones, creating special memories while helping others is a simple and powerful idea. So please enjoy the My Giving Table journey and join us for some entertaining, connecting and fundraising.

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