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Time to Give?

We hoped 2022 would bring some calm in our lives. We hoped business and life could start to return to a normal even keel, back to a time where we have some certainty about what is around the corner.

It appears that is not quite what the "Year of the Tiger" has in store for us.

On a macro and micro level we continue to be challenged and continue to be required to dig deep and find reserves, to be light of heart and calm, amidst the storm. To appreciate the small things and show gratitude for all we do have and find strength to endure what we have lost.

Russia has invaded Ukraine creating a tense and sad global climate, it is hard to hear the stories and see the images and not feel a sense of despair for the pointless act of aggression. Closer to home South East Queensland and Northern NSW are deluged and ravaged by flood waters. People and businesses who have endured the last 2 years of Covid, who were just hanging on, are now facing further hardship and challenges.

It is definitely a time to care for others, to give our time, love and support, in what ever capacity we can manage.

I recall our very first event for My Giving Table, it was after the devastating floods in Townsville. We held a casual dinner party, with pots of curries to share, in my home in Paddington. We raised over $2000 from that small party. We were able to replace a fridge for one friend who had lost their kitchen and give over $1000 to a stranger who lost her home. It was a small act of giving and a small start to our My Giving Table giving events, but every small amount makes a difference to those who have lost everything and also gives us purpose and hope when it is easy to despair.

So is now the time for you to give? If you are looking for a way to assist financially perhaps consider giving to Brisbane based charity GIVIT . GIVIT will collect belongings or money and provide it to a person in real need. They are a fabulous disaster relief charity with a direct pathway to those who need help.

If you are not in the impacted regions perhaps you could consider hosting a My Giving Table party, picnic or BBQ event and raise funds for GIVIT , or indeed another charity of your choice. It is a beautiful way to show fellowship and care, raising funds and awareness for those doing it tough.

Sharing a meal is such a nurturing and enriching act. The smiles on the faces from our My Giving Table events certainly are testament to our joy at coming together in a giving and sharing way, after all it is more enriching to give than to receive.

Take care of yourselves and others, be kind to yourself and others and if you are struggling please reach out and ask for help, it will be there.

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