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Pinnacle Properties Christmas in July dinner for Open Haven

The Christmas spirit came early recently as Pinnacle Properties held their staff Christmas in July dinner for charity. The dinner was a lovely team event for the PP family but with an extra special giving twist. Understanding the need to support women in our community, particularly through these extra challenging COVID times, Director of Pinnacle Properties, Von Barnes, chose to host the event as a heartfelt fundraiser for Open Haven.

Open Haven is a registered charity that provides a safe and confidential place for women who are survivors of domestic violence abuse. Women are referred to the Open Haven Hub from other domestic violence agencies after the woman is out of the crisis situation, is safe and has left her abusive partner.

The social workers at the Open Haven Hub provide a specialised plan to help the woman become independent, empowered and able to contribute back into the community through employment & independent living.

In 2020, Open Haven saw double the number of women than previous years. Due to this increasing need, we plan to open two more hubs to reach survivors in North Brisbane and the Logan area. Funding will go directly towards employing more social workers, building overheads, providing restoration hampers of food & household essentials.

We are so grateful to Von Barnes for holding her party as a giving event with purpose. Its a perfect example of how simple it can be to make a difference. Von registered the event through the My Giving Table webpage

for the Open Haven Campaign and actually paid for all her staff tickets as well as the food and drinks.

Von said it was easy to get her team together for their lovely dinner and it was more special as they knew they were helping to support women in need in our community. They raised over $700 to contribute to the Open Haven new hub Campaign which has a target of $50K to get the hub up and running. As Von said, all the pennies add up to something more and this is exactly the intention behind My Giving Table. Many small giving events, held by many individual hosts who create an event that suit them and set the theme and the price, that add up to something big.

The My Giving Table team love the spirit with which Von became a host. Currently Von is renovating, so her home is not exactly perfect for entertaining, there were bob cats in the yard and half finished jobs about the house and some of the chairs were even sitting in the dirt but it did not detract from the love and care with which the event was held.

The table was laid with a simple gold theme and there were bon-bons and all the special touches of a Christmas in July, for this love filled and humble dinner that gave back to ladies who need an extra hand at present. There was a bountiful roast turkey and all sorts of Vons favorite recipes that were cooked with love, as a way of thanking her hard working and loyal team or as Von refers to them "my family".

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