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Campfire for the Heart

On a very warm, late spring evening in November 2022, a group of remarkable people gathered for a fabulous fundraiser hosted by Natalie Stockdale, the author of Campfire for the Heart. Natalie used My Giving Table as the booking site for her book launch with several of the contributors attending and funds being raised for the Noosa Koala Rescue Team (a local branch of Wildcare Australia), based on the Sunshine Coast.

Campfire for the Heart was launched at Noosa Eco Retreat in the beautiful Noosa hinterland. The crowd gathered around the open campfire enjoying the evening air and sharing stories as the sun set behind Mt Cooroora.

Campfire for the Heart is a collection of resilient stories of real people who have grown and survived through adversity. Natalie Stockdale captured these stories of resilience to share the 'hero's journey' of each contributor, as a way to offer a pathway for all of us to learn and find hope. For what better way to learn than through the age-old practice of telling a good story.

Guests were soothed and entertained by the fabulous Whipbirds, a local guitar and harp duo who set a magical tone to the evening. The dulcet tones of the harp drifted hauntingly on the night air, complementing the natural beauty of the environment.

A special highlight of the evening was that attending contributors to "Campfire for the Heart" shared inspiring stories around the campfire, moments of ordinary people being extraordinary, of courage, resilience, love and of pure grit and strength of heart. The book opens with a foreword by cave diving legend Dr Craig Challen and includes 30 incredible stories of robust and loving people including Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Steve Parish OAM, Gayle Shann, Matt Golinski and many others.

As a writer, Natalie Stockdale has a beautiful way of sharing these stories of resilience, and we look forward to the next book "Campfire for a Woman's Heart" which will be launched on the Gold Coast on April 30. The book is now available for pre-release orders. Like the first 'Campfire' book, Campfire for a Woman's Heart features stories of strong, inspirational women who have faced and overcome challenges such as illegal imprisonment, war in Ukraine, the Port Arthur massacre, Taliban terror, the loss of children and much more.

To attend the book launch of Campfire of a Woman's Heart secure your tickets here today.

Both books are available in digital and hard copies for purchase here, and I highly recommend them.

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