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Birthday celebrations with MGT raise funds for Orange Sky

There has been a lot of excitement and real happiness at MGT over the last couple of weeks. We have held our first event to raise funds for Orange Sky Laundry.

It was a pretty lovely and heart full event, here is how it worked.

21 year old Shiina chose to hold an MGT event for her birthday celebration.

Shiina chose a date, theme and time for her party. Organising a pastry chef - @tjs_patisserie and a canapes chef, Kevin Collins from @fishd'vine, to help with some amazing food, then planning the cocktails with the help of her dad.

Shiina registered her event through our @MyGivingTable app (available for free download).

The team at MGT set up Shiina's event on our website, to be shared with friends as an easy RSVP and Shiina shared that link and invited them to attend. 30 of Shiina's friends and family registered via that link, paying a small amount, as the ticket price, to be donated to Orange Sky, the charity Shiina chose to support.

There were a lot of smiles and laughs with friends, some amazing food and all round it was a great day.

Through her choice to hold her special celebration, as an MGT host Shiina and her friends have raised over $1000 to support Orange Sky, providing the simple dignity of clean clothes to more than 40 homeless people. It was a simple and kind choice by one young lady that made a real and tangible difference to strangers and quite frankly, there is nothing kinder than an action that achieves such positive results.

Thankyou Shiina for being such a great host.

Raspberry tarts and chocolate profiteroles in a stack
TJs amazing cakes
Delicious cakes, raspberry tarts and pop cakes
easy canapes ideas of bright hotdogs with sauce and mustard
fun hotdogs
Chef Kev Collins with his delicious Lamb Koftas
Delicious Lamb Koftas

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