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Before the party

I love the day of a dinner party. I love the thought and organisation that goes into creating a

fabulous evening for loved ones and friends. Considering themes, tables décor, glass wear,

accompanying wines, how your guests will feel in the environment you have created for your dinner.It is so much more than just the food and so much fun to make it your own and have some fun.

Hopefully, most of the shopping has been done by the day of the event and any preparation that can happen in the days before is done. Go over your recipes and be sure there is nothing you have forgotten. Plan in your mind which prep you can do early in the day and what needs to be done closer to serving. Write a list to follow. Consider the glasses and the table setting and what will be the first welcome drink as guests arrive.

I get out all the glass wear and wash and polish them ready for setting the table. Choose all the crockery and again consider if anything extra may be required.

Take your serving dishes out and plan how you will present your dinner. Do you need to get some extra nice serving plates in? Will you be serving at the table with central platters or will you prepare individual plates in the kitchen?

I also love to play with tablecloths and napkins, they always set a great personal tone and add colour and fun.

Flowers and candles are great and easy table decoration as well. It doesn’t need to be expensive to add atmosphere and set a scene. Even using tea light candles in jam jars and mixed glass wear can dress your table beautifully. Flowers can be picked greenery and colour from the garden, lay down the middle of the table or display in vases. A nice way is to use small glass jars and bottles with little bunches of fresh picked greenery and flowers. Of course you can treat yourself with a special bunch from your local market or florist as well. We have even hung fresh gum leaves above our table to great effect. Keep in mind the guests at your table need to see each other across the table so consider the height and size of flowers carefully.

The main point is that you do not have to spend much money to create a special themed dinner, get your creative juices flowing, as well as your taste buds, and make it your own.

My Giving Table look forward to sharing ideas with you and also hope you will share your great personal tips and ideas, that add something special to your dinner event, with us.

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