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Heartwarming Winter Dinner Campaign for Open Haven
June July and August 24

Did you know that some women and children are sleeping rough this winter because they do not have a safe home?


My Giving Table is seeking hosts to support our Open Haven campaign. Money raised from this campaign will go directly to help women take steps towards new, safe lives with the help of the Open Haven team. The work that Open Haven does ranges from assisting women to get their drivers licence and find work, navigate the complex system of financial control and legal matters and basic support of councilors and assisting with everyday needs of food and shelter and a shoulder to lean on. 

How can you help? Simply by hosting a dinner or party with your friends and loved ones you can help us raise valuable funds for Open Haven. 

It's as simple as cooking a meal and sharing it with your loved ones but the twist is your friends pay a small ticket price, amount decided by you, to attend, going as a tax deductible donation from you to Open Haven.


My Giving Table will set up a unique event page and link for you to share with your friends and all you need to do is invite them and share the link, enjoy a dinner with friends and know you are helping to make a difference, sending your kindness and support to at risk women this winter " Register your interest today and help us make this a success. 

The idea is simple-

 1.Register your party with My Giving Table.

 2. Friends RSVP and purchase a ticket to attend. Ticket proceeds become your donation directly to the charity Open Haven.  

 3. Host the party like you would any other Dinner Party, but with a giving twist....

It's that simple to raise funds to go directly to help those who desperately need this service. 


Did you know that you can leave the ticketed donation amount as any price chosen by your guests - they choose how much they can afford to give to join your party, taking the pressure off you asking for an amount.


Giving is giving and every little bit helps. 


Please register your interest today by clicking "become a host"  


Are you in? 


With special thanks to our business event sponsor Taste Whitsundays for their support of this campaign.  


Become a Host and Support our Dancing CEOs


Join the Heartwarming Winter Dinner Campaign

Simply register your interest in becoming a host on the form below to join the fun.


We will be in touch to talk through your event and set up your event page for you. 

You share this event link with your friends who will read all about what you are doing for this great cause and who you are supporting.

Your friends RSVP through the site and we handle all the communication for you. 


Share your event with friends 

Plan your menu and choose the theme and the style of your night and it can be as simple or complicated as you like. 

If you would like to see ideas from other dinners created by our hosts check out "our dinner parties" 


Let's get the Dinner Party Started

At your dinner party, involve your friends in helping set the table and supporting you in the kitchen.

It's all the more fun when sharing the experience. 


 You will receive a tax donation receipt for the amount raised for your chosen charity. 

Interested in being a host, but not sure what's involved?

Let us know a little bit about yourself and we'll be in touch.

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