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"It was my dearest wish, in starting My Giving Table, that nights full of love, care, community and compassion would be the result. Where kindness, heart and giving, not just money, were the currency of the event.

Katelyn Aslett, Founder, My Giving Table

Dinner Parties
with Purpose

My Giving Table's intention is to nurture the community, not only by bringing people together through food, but by pouring into our community in ways that make a difference. 

We are a a philanthropic event platform, designed for people who love to entertain and also have a mindset for social good and the desire to create positive change. 

From hosting your friends for 'pizza night' to cooking a nutritious feast for a larger gathering, My Giving Table dinner party experiences are rooted in joy shared over great food, good company and communal care - where the majority of every ticket sale goes directly to the causes that need it most. 

My Giving Table's Hosting Tips

Hosting a 'dinner party with purpose' doesn't have to be a stressful affair, it's an opportunity to bring people together and create connection, not only at the event, but also in the preparations.

French Cafe

Ask for Support

Hosting a 'dinner party with purpose' is all about connection and community. It's important not to do it alone, ask for support and gather a team of people around you that thrive in different ways, giving them a list of tasks and room to grow and the space to do so. When you bring more people to the table in supportive roles, you share a common purpose and that's when the magic happens.


Be Intentional

Having a strong intention from the start is crucial to hosting an event, whether it be a large event or an intimate gathering with friends and family. Keep front of mind WHY you are hosting a 'dinner party with purpose', this will help when it comes to all areas; the people you invite, the food you create, the way people feel and the contribution you make to the community.


Don't Panic

Remember hosting is supposed to be fun! Stressing over the small stuff like the timing of food or not having enough drinks shouldn't send you into a tailspin. Breathe through it and maintain your cool, everything will work itself out. It's important to remember to ask for help from those around you. Your guests after all are there to support and spend time with you! 

What our Community Has to Say...

Sabeel pic.png
My Giving Table's innovative platform unites communities, fostering philanthropy and driving positive change. The proceeds from My Giving Table hosts enabled Open Haven to fund new Hubs in Brisbane for Domestic Violence survivors. This platform's fusion of purpose and technology inspires collective action for local communities. Join us in supporting My Giving Table, amplifying their ability to make a difference, one dinner table at a time.

Sabeel - CEO, Open Haven

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