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  Thankyou for your interest in becoming a My Giving Table Host. Below we have some information to answer commonly asked questions. 


About us

My Giving Table (MGT) is a simple concept for fundraising events, or what we call, “Parties with a Purpose”.  These parties are any small to medium size event our hosts throw for their friends, all in support of their favourite charities.


Anyone can become a MGT host; it’s as simple and easy as checking your calendar!

How does it work?

To register, you simply select the charity you support, the amount per person, and the date of your event. We then set up a unique event page for you to share with the friends you’re inviting. You cook, you share a fabulous meal with your friends, and your chosen charity receives funds – all in accordance with the Fundraising Act and the Office of Fair Trading.


All funds are tracked and dispersed transparently so you can have complete confidence the charity receives them.


At a glance:

  • Register your event and charity on the form above

  • MGT sets up a unique page for your event with all the registered details

  • You send your friends the event invitation link we provide

  • Friends easily RSVP and pay the “ticket donation” via that same link

  • You enjoy a wonderful, entertaining Party with a Purpose with your friends, while thoughtfully giving to those in need

                                                                             How do I choose my ticket price? 

This is always a good question, and My Giving Table is happy to advise you, but you know your friends, and you know what type of event you’re planning.


It often feels confronting to ask friends to pay to attend a dinner you would normally invite them to at no cost. We get this. The thing to remember is you are collecting funds to donate and not for your own benefit. Friends actually admire you for hosting an event with purpose.  


If you put together a lovely three course dinner and go to a great deal of effort, you may want to price the tickets at $95 or $120 per person. If your party takes less effort, you could start your tickets at $20. MGT also allows you to set several different ticket prices so that all your friends can attend, no matter how much they can spare. A good rule of thumb is simply – what would you be happy to pay at a restaurant for the event you provide?


Remember that at the end of the day, this is about giving to charity, so you will not be receiving any monetary rewards toward your time and expenses. You are becoming a pop-up restaurant for your friends – donating your time and food to raise much needed funds. But remember to keep in mind how generous your actions are!


Your friends and guests will admire your kindness, and everyone will enjoy being involved.

                                                                                What do we provide?

My Giving Table provides both an event invitation and booking site, and a management and reporting platform. We adhere to the regulations placed upon fundraising so that you don’t have to worry about them. MGT also has a marketing arm dedicated to collaborating with the charities and our amazing hosts, making each Party with a Purpose an easy, effective way to raise funds.


We love sharing our Stories. With your permission MGT will feature your event and chosen charity in our marketing campaigns. By being a host, you are an inspiration; inspiring people to become hosts and inspiring others to give.


MGT provides several incentive options to add value to the host’s experience and there is also the potential for a deductible receipt from the chosen charity for the amount remitted.


At a glance:​

  • A thankyou gift of a Naked Wine Voucher to the value of $100 plus free delivery to hosts

  • A personalised event invitation page to share via URL

  • Tracking of guest RSVPs

  • Personalised emails telling guests all they need to know for your party

  • Marketing collateral and support to assist you

  • Professional event management advice

  • Personalised emails thanking guests after your party

  • A genuine “feel good” experience for guests and hosts alike

  • Host incentives and offers such as the Whitsunday luxury yacht host Prize

                                                                         What do you provide?

A Party with a Purpose! A lovely time and a shared meal with friends all while donating to charity.


The main things you provide are your time and a meal. It can be lunch, dinner, a cocktail party, a board room event, or even a picnic in the park – there are no rules here. You decide the date, theme, charity, and the amount guests pay, My Giving Table does the rest.


Once you nominate your charity, MGT looks after the compliance and transparency necessary to make your Party with a Purpose happen seamlessly. After your event the charity receives the funds as a deposit under your name.


Show all your friends an amazing time while sharing why your chosen charity is important to you and the community.



Have a question?

We are based in Milton, Brisbane. 

contact us at

call - 0417789868

Thanks for submitting!

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