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Charities and Non-Profits

Outdoor Party

We offer charities an alternative way to engage community fundraising. By working with My Giving Table to engage hosts, many small fundraising events can take place as an alternative or an addition to major gala’s and big fundraising drives.

My Giving Table is an innovative way to get the same leverage of a large gala by enlisting the help of passionate Superstar Hosts but without the time commitment involved in Gala Events.  My Giving Table works with charities to sign on supportive hosts, to host a MGT dinner or event and together we activate amazing My Giving Table fundraising campaigns.

Particularly in the challenging times of COVID, we empower supporters of charities, who love hosting dinners, to hold intimate events with friends, for their favourite causes.
Even a small dinner party can raise much needed funds and when you multiply that activity across many, held on the same night for the same cause, by enlisting the help of our Superstar Hosts, we generate more funds for valuable community services. 

 “we support our hosts to hold intimate and fun themed dinners to raise funds for their favourite charities” 

We organise campaign events for charities where many hosts hold their events on the same evening or during a calendar month. Interacting and sharing images through the social feed on the app and exploding the fundraising potential. 

Contact us for more information how we can explode your fundraising potential by working together on a campaign.

Our current campaign is for Open Haven, register now to host an event. 

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Outdoor Dinner Party
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