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About Us

Fundraising dinner parties are the new "in" thing to do
My Giving Table is a philanthropic event platform designed for people who love entertaining and who have a giving mindset, we support events with a cause and parties with a purpose.

My Giving Table is a social enterprise.

A business run for the purpose of supporting events that raise funds for valued charities.

 It is a new and disruptive idea and it's catching on.
“our goal is to spread kindness and giving, while raising funds for charities through the simple positive action of sharing a dinner with friends” 


Building heartfelt social capital and paying it forward to those in need. 

 Hosts organise the dinner and invite friends via the unique event page link that MGT sets up for their party. Our hosts set the price that those friends pay to attend as a donation to the chosen charity.

Our hosts enjoy the pleasure of sharing hospitality with friends while raising funds for the charity of their choice. 

 We hope to make the world a kinder place, where giving to those in need, in even a small way, is valued, supported and pleasurable. 

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We are based in Milton, Brisbane. 

contact us at

call - 0417789868

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