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Tropical Indian Banquet raising funds for Birthing Kits Australia

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A beautiful progressive feast on Hamilton Island.

The ladies from The Hamilton Island Whine Club are currently raising funds for Birthing Kits Australia, providing safe and hygienic birthing kits to women in the third world. Hosts Lisa and Katie held a progressive Indian Banquet at Hamilton Island last Saturday, that was a great success.

Lisa Fogarty, who normally spends her time as an author and business coach to high level sales executives, said it was quite a challenge but totally enjoyable to spend an afternoon following recipes and cooking while she thought about the women who the dinner would be supporting.

In Lisa's words "I am giving it my best shot. The apartment smells amazing and aww those colours. As I am preparing I find myself thinking of the charity we are doing this for and that has pushed me beyond my talents in the kitchen" It looks simply mouthwatering to me.

The night began at Half Tree Hill a beautiful spot on a headland, looking over the breathtaking Whitsundays. Guests were welcomed by a stunning afternoon and an incredible array of delicacies, created lovingly by Lisa.

The progressive dinner then moved on to Katie's place where the table was actually banana leaves on the floor, guests sat on their own cushions and mats and shared a meal created by Katie, who has travelled extensively in India and wanted to share some of the love and colour, tastes and traditions of the India she loves and remembers. We are of course unable to travel internationally right now, so it sure is lovely to share travel memories and connect through food.

It looks like there was a great deal of love and joy in the evening and an amazing result was achieved by raising funds for 63 birthing kits. That is 63 women who will benefit from the carefully put together and lovingly packed birthing kits that contain a hygienic plastic sheet, sterile blade, gauze, cord ties, soap and gloves.

This makes such a huge difference to these woman and the newborns who receive these packs during such a vulnerable time of giving birth.

My Giving Table thank the beautiful hosts Lisa and Katie and the guests who attended. All will be receiving a gift voucher from us shortly to say thankyou.

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